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Tilt&Turn Windows

An unbeatable combination of quality and price

Tilt&Turn Windows

Luxury appearance achieved through top-quality materials. An unbeatable combination of quality and price.

REHAU profile core

1. Ensures excellent stability and torsional rigidity making it possible to build larger windows without steel reinforcement.
2. Six-chambered frame.
Provides unmatched thermal insulation, surpassing the requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy R-5 Window program and making achievement of German Passivhaus standard possible.
3. Compression-seal technology. Reduces closing pressure significantly, making window operation easy and extending the service life.
4. Multiple locking points surrounding the sash provide extra security, tighter seal and greater comfort.
5. Integrated reinforcement system with screw bosses Allows the highest installation stability and security 3/32" (53 mm) glazing channel.
6. Accommodates triple glazing, increasing both energy efficiency and acoustical properties.
tilt and turn window operating steps
  • TILT&TURN designs
    Three window styles in one: a secure top-venting hopper in the tilt position, an inward opening casement in the turn position and a tightly sealed fixed window when closed.
tilt and turn window operating steps

Luxury appearance achieved through top-quality materials.

Wide range of design possibilities.
TILT&TURN system
In the tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges for safe and easy ventilation. In the turn position, the hinges are on the side and opens by swinging inward.
German hardwere
From German G-U concern. It fulfills the most stringent requirements for
security, essay of function and durability.
Excellent materials
The innovative window profile system REHAU has no analogues in the world. This is a unique combination of characteristics of durability and energy efficiency.
window sound insulation characteristics
windows shapes
Basement Windows

Here is the ready solution for your basement which meets BC codes concerning residential basements.