How the "Tilt & Turn" system works
Benefits of European Windows

Bay-Window Solution

REHAU is offering a wide range of supplementary profiles, accessories, and panels. All components fit the existing range of Euro-Design Slide and Prestige-Design, also with color, design, and functionality. For all glazing thickness, corner connections, large-size windows, door panels, or window boards, REHAU has the right solution.


Always smooth and clean frame. HDF-technology makes the surface smoother, so the dirt on it is not delayed. Your windows need much less care.

Multifanctional Insulating Glass

ClimaGuard Solar grass, used in multifunctional glazing, protects your home from heat in summer and from cold in winter. Thanks to the ultrathin layer of metal ions (9mm), glass remains maximally transparent.
Energy-saving glass
Keeps the room warm thanks to sprinkling of silver ions on the surface of the glass, which reflect heat back.
Multifunctional glass
ClimaGuard Solar solar protection glass protects against heat in summer and retains heat in winter.
window sound insulation characteristics
Anti-slip pen
Anti-slip pen the special locking mechanism of the HOPPE Secustik knob allows you to rotate the handle as usual, but blocks it when trying to break through the fittings from the outside. When turning the knob the mechanism with a clear click fixes the pen in different positions. This sound, typical of the Secustik handles, speaks of increased safety features of the pen and, accordingly, windows. Thus, the anti-slam window handle will protect your home from intruders.